Platform features

Our platform offers many Unique and professional traders which some doing trades manually and some created advance trading robot and doing trades automatically.

Platform features
Our Features

Find top ranked strategy
providers( traders)

Traders’ rating help you to find the most talented with better strategy faster. Rankings are based on two important things, percent of profits and risk Management. You can always set up different filters and categorize these traders to different criteria.

All traders are categorized according to ratings using a special algorithm. STF Rank is a special program that helps to analyze the statistical value of traders. And this evaluation may be used as an additional factor in making investment decisions.


We present the most important data for expert analysis whom seeking for all details of each strategy provider history. Our statistics will show you all closed trades as well as floating ones.

One of our most important tasks is to give you a transparent picture of informations related to each trader. This infos are mostly profits, risks, age of each trader, drawdowns, average win/loss and etc. In addition, we also show closed trades history for each trading strategy. Therefore, you will have the opportunity to compare with trading in your account. With maximum transparency!

Read all review and leave comments for each trader.

You can always check all strategy provider ratings and reviews that were left by our costumers (strategy followers). Since all this ratings are based on their experience it can bring you quit good and accurate decisions.

Besides, you are most welcome to join and talented strategy providers and even challenge those, whose actions and tips could be risky. Be sure that others will be grateful and LIKE you.


You can add any strategy to your investment portfolio with out any limits or restrictions! Our platform allows you to specify and set your desire settings for each strategy provider you want to add and follow, You may choose either a fixed trade size or proportion of your current balance. And set risk levels for each trader, and many more settings. Each setting has tips and recommendations. Thus, you can easily decide what suits you best.

24/7 access through WebTrader

With our modern Web base trading platform you can trade by your self as well in real time mode. This server is synchronized with your brokerage’s trading server. The connection allows exchanging data on status of your account, trades, etc. The platform makes it possible not only to track all current trades, but also manage them by using our website. You’ll be able to check what strategy providers take the top positions in your account or how much they earn. You can manage your account, close some trades of the connected strategies. Without limit!

Analyze your account results

You are able to do Analysis for all trades of both strategy provider you follow and your personal trades , By using this service you can check the income you got from each particular strategy provider. The data you get will allow managing your investment portfolio much better. You will remove all unprofitable strategy providers and increase trade size for those who show great results. It’s all simple and can be done with few clicks.