SignaltoFollow is a platform where its bringing leading traders around the world and gives a chance for investors to follow and copy easily from them Automatically with one of the world advanced and intelligent system.

We suggest you to open a brokerage account and link it to the STF platform, while you’re choosing the most successful strategy providers or testing them on your demo account. As soon as you choose strategy providers, you can get started.
Not piratically, You only need to find the right trader, and learn about the copy-trading settings which all provided in ‘’User guide’’ section.
All deposits and withdrawals will be made with the regulated and licensed brokerage company that you have account with. All trades will be executed in your account opened with a selected broker.
With us you don’t need to install any plugins and rent a VPS server. We offer fully automated copy trading technology hosted on our trading servers powered by FXVM.
You can copy an unlimited number of trading strategies as well as trade manually at the same brokerage account.
No. there are no Fees for using this platform.
No, you will not need to share your profit with strategy providers or pay anything to them.
SignaltoFollow is only getting a share of the Spreads from Brokers. And there is no Mark-up on these spreads or hidden fees. (please note that Strategy Providers Income is included in this Spread)
Yes, you can. You control all the trades that you open manually. All the trades that come in the MDT automatic mode are supported automatically. You can also manage trades that come automatically from signal providers. No limit!
Yes, you can. You can be both SP and SF but with different trading account number.